It’s Complicated Mass Shootings

Mass Shootings Reports
On October 1, 2017 Las Vegas Mass Murder reported 59 killed and 441 wounded.
From October 1, 2017 there were 24 deaths by shooting reported across the US and approximately 93 wounded during those murders.

From November 3 through the 4th there were 2 deaths by shooting across the US reported and approximately 28 wounded.

November 5, 2017 Sutherland Springs, Texas 26 dead and 20 reported wounded at the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church.

The Year 2017 to Date (reported)
52,374 – Total Number of Gun Violence Incidents as of November 5, 2017
13,142 – Number of Deaths
26,934 – Number of Injuries

Nick Wagner/AP Nov 5, 2017

20 States – 31 Cities over period of 36 Days
Lanett, Alabama
Casa Grande, and Phoenix, Arizona (2 incidents),
Clearlake Oaks, Gardena, San Francisco (2 incidents), Santa Monica, and Aliso Viejo, California
Hartford, Connecticut
Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
Hammond, Indiana
Lawrence, Kansas
Louisville, Kentucky
Lacombe, Louisiana
Edgewood, Maryland
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Meridian, Mississippi
Brooklyn, and New York Buffalo, New York
Youngstown, Pedro, and Toledo, Ohio
Chester, Pennsylvania
Nashville, Tennessee
Austin (2 incidents), Houston (2 incidents), and Sutherland Springs, Texas Petersburg, Virginia

(Source: Gun Violence Archive –


Each person murdered or wounded has a family.
Think on them.

Let us remember the families and loved ones of those who have died from gun violence. We acknowledge their pain and their deep grief. They too, are part of our community, and need our love and help towards healing.


God of life,
Every act of violence in our world, in our communities, between myself and others, destroys a part of your creation.
Stir in my heart a renewed sense of reverence for all life.
Give me the vision to recognize your spirit in every human being, however they
behave towards me.
Make possible the impossible by cultivating in me the fertile seed of healing

May I play my part in breaking the cycle of violence by realizing that peace
begins with me.

The Fever of the Gun

Hot .. The Fever
Forever Molten..
Forever Voiceless
Just a Weapon
Of the Hopeless.
My Children’s Children’s Children
At the Mercy
And .. The Fever of the Gun.